Armando Alejandro
Senior .Net Developer
About Me
My hobbies are exercising, writing software and learning new technologies. My favorite games are chess, solitaire and billiards. My favorite TV shows are Fox News,, TruTV, CSI:Miami, the history channel and ESPN, etc. My favorites sports are the Martial Arts, Boxing and Football. My favorite websites are,,,,,,, etc.
I originally started programming using GW-Basic for DOS on an 8088 IBM computer. From then on I loved programming. I continued to pursue a career in software development by studying Computer Science at the UT-Pan American where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Business Administration. In college, I learned the fundamentals of Software Engineering by taking a diverse set of Computer Science courses while learning new programming languages such as Turbo Pascal, C, Cobol, Fortran, Assembly Language and C++. After graduating from college and doing extensive research on Computer Science careers, I decided to focus on developing Client/Server Applications using a variety of technologies from Microsoft Tools to Java.  After 14 years as a professional developer and working in many different types of organizations, I have gained extensive knowledge about the Art of Software Engineering while building windows, web, and mobile software applications.  I have worked with small start-ups to large corporations to government agencies.  I have had the privilege of working with developers from all over the world.  Even after many years as a professional software developer, I still enjoy software development while at the same time learning the latest technologies and expanding my skill sets.